Weekend Project: Provide Nesting Materials for Birds!

Nesting materials for backyard birds. © Diana Pappas

Nesting materials for backyard birds.
© Diana Pappas

Join us this weekend as we offer a selection of nesting materials to our backyard feathered friends! It will be a fun little experiment and a chance to see birds up close and working hard as the industrious architects they are. Undoubtedly, there’s plenty of nesting material available this time of year, but why not offer birds a nice hand-picked selection and put it within sight of your kitchen table or your office or sitting area and see if there are any takers? I’m curious who takes what. Just the other day I saw a grackle dragging a big tangle of dried grasses across the yard, and a house sparrow grab on to some dried material and jump with all his might to break it into a manageable piece. Without a doubt, it’s nesting time!

What to do:
1. Scour your garden for anything that can be woven. We found last year’s dried day lily leaves, old dry garlic stalks, dry pine needles, dried ornamental grass leaves and even some small pieces of birch bark.

2. Break the material down to manageable lengths for birds. About 6″ in length at the longest.

3. Put the nesting materials out for the birds within view of your home and sit back and wait! You can simply put them in a pile on your lawn, or load your empty suet feeder with them (it’s too hot here to put out suet anymore, so why not repurpose the feeder as a nesting materials station?).

We hope you will join us and chime in on your successes with this project – let us know which birds stop by and take nesting materials, or what kinds of materials are favored over others. It will be interesting to see who is building a nest nearby.


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