The Oak and Feather is a new blog by Tom Bland and Diana Pappas. Based between New Jersey, USA and Northumberland, England, on this blog they will chronicle their nature-based observations, news, experiments and adventures, wherever they happen to occur.

Tom Bland is a fine art and editorial photographer originally from near Hexham in Northumberland, North East England. Dividing his time between the UK and New Jersey USA, he works on photography that encompasses nature, landscape, travel, design, food, portraiture, and the environment. His portfolio can be found at www.tombland.co.uk, with fine art prints available at tombland.etsy.com

Diana Pappas is a fine art photographer specializing in portraiture, food, and travel photography. Her portfolio website is at www.dianapappas.com with prints of her work for sale at dianapappas.etsy.com. She is an avid gardener of both flowers and vegetables. Her favorite birds are barred owls, catbirds and nuthatches.

2 responses to “About

  1. Tom and Diana, thank you for stopping and following my blog. The article about children losing touch with nature really resonated. We need to find ways for our children to enjoy, savour, and steward nature. I look forward to following your blog.

    Take care,


  2. Hi Tom & Diana:
    Not too sure if this blog is still in the works, but I will try nonetheless! I live in Ridgewood NJ and have noticed in the last week or two the return of a flock of Robins, and today, a huge flock of grackles. Either we are anticipating a very early spring, and/or they definitely know something we don’t know. Or, NJ’s temps are “warmer” than the other parts of the nation?? In addition, there is a House Wren that has appeared all of a sudden. He is singing from time to time in spite of the cold. I found all of this to be extremely interesting and wanted to share the information!
    Have a wonderful day!
    Wendy Gunn

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