Resources: UK

Bird Identification:
Royal Society for the Protection of Birds: A great resource for UK bird and wildlife information.
Chirp! Bird Songs Europe: A handy app for learning and listening to bird calls.

Daytrip Destinations:
– Farne Islands: Visit the Inner Farne Bird Sanctuary during the sea bird breeding season and literally step into a David Attenborough nature documentary. To get there, we recommend Billy Shiel’s boat trips from Seahouses.
Kielder Water Birds of Prey Centre in Northumberland: A family-friendly education center in Kielder Forest specializing in birds of prey flight demonstrations.

Recommended Reading: 
Nature Adventures by Mick Manning & Brita Granström: For kids (and adults too), a wonderful guide to getting out into nature and discovering the world around you.
– Nightwalk: A journey to the heart of nature by Chris Yates: Walk through the British countryside at night with Chris Yates and discover nature in a whole new light. A chapter before falling asleep is especially recommended!

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