Resources: USA

Bird Identification:
The Cornell Lab of Ornithology: A great resource for bird calls, bird photos & general bird information.
The Feather Atlas: So you’ve found a feather! Identify it here.
Chirp! Bird Songs USA: A handy app for learning and listening to bird calls.

– A great pair of binoculars is essential. We highly recommend the Vanguard Endeavor ED 8×42 Binoculars.
– A “camera trap” is a great way to observe animals without disturbing them. We recommend the Bushnell Trophy Cam and you can see our results here.

Recommended Reading:
– The Sibley Field Guides by David Allen Sibley are dense with information to help ID birds and yet they are light enough to tote on a hike. There are separate guides for Eastern North America and Western North America.
Projects for the Birder’s Garden: Over 100 Easy Things That You can Make to Turn Your Yard and Garden into a Bird-Friendly Haven: Full of fantastic ideas to encourage birds to visit your backyard, from setting up a winter feeding station to making birdhouses, this guide has it all! Many projects are kid-friendly. A truly fabulous resource.

Great Viewing:
– We love Sir David Attenborough’s nature programs. The Life of Birds stands out as a bird-focused favorite! Wait until you see what a Turkey Vulture is capable of!


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